Leadership Musings: How is your mood?


If you had the Fourth of July off, I hope you were able to enjoy time with family and friends! 

The last couple of weeks, our Thoughts on Leadership messages have focused on concepts like the Shadow of the Leader (Senn Delaney) and the importance of Connection. Each of these ideas have been shown to be critical to the shaping of team cultures. 

I was trained to test how those concepts resonate with teams I've led is to use the Mood Elevator tool created by the folks at Senn Delaney. 

By checking "where you fit" on a continuum from day to day, you can better connect how you are feeling, with how you are casting your leadership shadow on your team. And by asking yourself the question "where am I on the mood elevator today?" you'll be able to tap into your "best self" when leading them. To learn more about the Mood Elevator, check out this video by Senn Delaney.

For those that are working with OVP Management Consulting Group, this is similar to the Clifton StrengthsFinder approach to understanding your unique talents and determining the most optimal and least optimal ways of applying them in the workplace with your teammates.

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