Young Leaders Rock!

How are you injecting measurable creativity and innovation into your operations? 

Are you looking to technology to boost operations or customer engagement? Maybe you're investing in analytics tools to refine your target markets. These are good initial steps. 

One "can't miss" approach to increasing creativity and ensuring greater opportunities for business growth is to hire, collaborate with and embrace young leaders in your workplace. 



Millennials  (1982-2004) and and Generation Z (1995-2014) make up the biggest cross section of the American workforce, according to Gallup. And those of us that have been in business for years, understand that expectations of these young leaders sometimes crash into expectations of older workplace mores.  

As business owners and leaders, we have to actively seek out counsel from younger voices. Empowering young leaders and their ideas increases the chances of greater engagement from them in the workplace. 

One of the most effective ways We've tried to do this is by evaluating clients and collaborators using the Clifton StrengthsFinder® assessment tool. It's a great way to better understand how younger leaders approach work. 

Compared to how other generations engage in the workplace, Millennials and Generation Zs value qualities like adaptability, input and context at a much higher rate than their Generation X and Baby Boomer counterparts, for example. 

Here are some things to consider when looking to empower younger leaders:

  • Embrace their ambition
  • Provide an inspirational (and tangible) vision
  • Encourage implementation of innovative ideas
  • Consider flattening your organizational structure
  • Listen to their imaginative solutions to problems

Changing an organization's mindset can be daunting. But, injecting perspectives from your young leaders is bound to propel your fortunes upward. 

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