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OVP = Optimal Value Proposition

Your business has something valuable to offer. Our leadership coaching and consulting services can help you find the best way to share it.


Strategic Communications

Set the right tone and increase positive engagements with customers and collaborators alike. Our strategic communications services can help generate measurable results for  organizations, while broadening your team's impact. 


Leader & employee Engagement

Uncover your employees’ hidden talents and maximize your team's potential so they can bring their best to the table. We  use strengths-based methods to help shape winning team culture, and give your team members & leaders the tools to sustain growth.

Continuous Improvement Methods

Improve current practices and craft new ones to ensure longevity of success. We use Continuous Improvement Process Design methods and problem-solving techniques to evaluate your processes and make recommendations for a reliable long-term payoff.

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getting   it   done

OVP Management Consulting Group Inc. is a strengths-based consulting firm that helps organizations enhance their team dynamics, craft sustainable operations processes and track their success.

Success is measured by our adherence to predetermined goals, that support effective leadership development, and are linked to our clients' financial, employee engagement or strategic communications goals. 

We work with organizations to create the optimal value proposition (OVP) that defines the relationship between customers, collaborators and the company, with the goal of achieving an organization's vision.


tools   we   use

We are certified in several project management domains that are designed to help organizations track and improve their operations.

  • Six Sigma Analytical Techniques (e.g. Problem Identification, Performance Measurement, Root-Cause Analysis, Scientific Method, Point of Activity Observations)

  • Continuous Improvement Process Design Tools (e.g. Process Mapping, 5 Whys, Go-and-See, Countermeasures, Rapid Experimentation)

  • Strategic Communications Plan Development

  • Leadership Training and Coaching

  • Meeting Facilitation and Design


collaborative    Engagement

OVP Consulting's goal is to improve the performance of our client’s operations and add value to the firm. As management consultants, we use a 9-step process to help clients to identify operational gaps, provide analysis of the problem sets and recommend solutions designed to produce results that highlight the strengths of an organization. 


CrossFit Inner Stallion

OVP Consulting is working with the owner of CF Inner Stallion to develop an annual marketing plan that will help grow membership and better position the business to compete against other CrossFit establishments across Oakland County. We have been a business mentor and executive coach for Hillary Herring, as she has continued to grow her business. 

What drew me to Alejandro was his genuine interest in wanting my venture to succeed. I am in awe of the depth of knowledge he brings from a marketing perspective, and what is equally impressive is the time he has taken to get to know the ins and outs of my business. This is undoubtedly the best method for implementing a successful action plan. I am excited about the future of my business, and my continued partnership with OVP Consulting." 

Hillary Herring, owner of CrossFit Inner Stallion - Southfield, Michigan, USA

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Detroit Free Press

OVP Consulting provided real-time translation services for the Detroit Free Press newspaper, which was producing stories about the immigration debate along the southern border of the United States. We conducted interviews of non-English speaking subjects, and transcribed the interviews for the purpose of publishing articles by their reporters online and in print. Working with the newspaper's management staff, OVP helped the Detroit Free Press deliver stories  to their audiences about an issue of national political import. 

"OVP provided a great, accurate and fast transcription service when I was on deadline for a video interview I did and the woman was speaking Spanish. Great communication and professionalism was fantastic and will for sure be using OVP in the future. Money well spent."

Eric Seals, Photographer & Filmmaker - Detroit Free Press Newspaper. - Detroit, MI, USA

Mas que Salud (+QS)

OVP Consulting developed and implemented the foundation's 2017-18 strategic communications campaign to expand the reach of Mas Que Salud to the United States and promote their work of providing free medical care for underserved residents in Africa. Mas Que Salud is a non-profit medical organization based in Barcelona, Spain with a mission to provide ongoing healthcare solutions to underserved residents in developing nations. Founded in 2006, Mas Que Salud focuses its efforts on the development of the sanitary infrastructure, fundamentally in Sub-Saharan Africa

"We are having an excellent experience with OVP Consulting group. They are mainly trying to help us to improve our strategic communications and we believe this is going to be really useful for our growth as small charity. We are working with them to share our mission with audiences, potential collaborators and donors in the United States."

Robert Memba, MD, PhD. President, Mas Que Salud NGO- Barcelona, Spain


Communications Confidence 

We worked with Roy Heffley to conduct media training for the executive leadership team at a leading energy company in Michigan. In preparation for the week-long training of the C-Level leaders, we developed a strategy to track the success of Roy's training module. The strategic plan we created included the development of several grading metrics that were later used by the Media Relations team at the company to rank leaders' readiness to conduct on-camera interviews. The plan was submitted to the company's leadership and was later used as a framework for the guidelines on media training the company uses today.

"Alejandro’s ability to blend long-term strategic thinking with laser-sharp attention to daily detail on multiple issues is extremely impressive. He has deep insight regarding audiences and customers at the local, national and international level. Alejandro’s talent, clarity and experience add up to an invaluable resource for companies of all sizes in any industry."
Roy Heffley, Executive Consultant - Williamsburg, VA, USA


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